Write, Right?

“How can I be a writer, too?” she asked.

“Do you write?” He queried.

“Yes, yes, all kinds of stuff and I think that some of it might be good.” She declared bursting with enthusiasm.

“Then you’re already a writer. The question is what kind of writer do you want to be?”

That is the tough question. If you can answer it, then you can start in the direction of your journey. And for most of us it is a long, bumpy, excruciating examination of self. However, maybe you will land a gig writing fortunes for cookies. That would be cool. I don’t know how to get that job and I don’t know anyone who has it. I do know this guy and his wife, (I won’t name names), that write books. The words float onto the pages and off to Amazon like magic. I think they make like a gazillion dollars but they are both super geniuses, crazy organized, and have the self-discipline of Hesychastic Monks. So, I’m probably never going to be that ‘kind’ of writer. (shrug) But, I can work on being the kind of writer I want to be and so can you.

Writers, like all artists (I think), are kindred spirits. They want to be seen and heard. Yet what they produce is so close to their hearts they fear disapproval. So, they keep it locked up or if they do put it on paper, they are reluctant to share. If they do share many suffer crippling rejections and cannot get their work out to the public. The idea behind Notion Butler Publishing is to get new authors out there into the literary community. It is not going to be easy; nothing worth having ever is. The hope is to attract other writers, encourage and support each other’s works, and build a new, accessible platform to share that work with the world (and possibly make some money). Maybe you can do it the old way, you know, blow the devil and cut a deal with one of the few remaining big publishing houses and be the next… (fill in the blank with the latest trendy author, I don’t want to get sued!).

If the big publishing houses are not part of your journey, join us. Drop by the café, submit some of your works, read some other people stuff and leave a review. I wish you best on your travels. I will leave you with this one piece of advice;
If you want to be a writer…write. (Right?)

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